Pressure Cooking Videos

Let our experts provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to prepare a variety of delicious foods with your pressure cooker.

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Video 1: Short Ribs with Louisiana Barbecue Sauce
Treat yourself to the fabulous flavor of long-simmered short ribs with barbecue sauce. Chef Paul Miller shows you how to get long-simmered results in an amazing 45 minutes with the help of a pressure cooker.


Video 2: Stuffed Sirloin Tip Roast
This pleasantly spicy sirloin tip roast will grab your attention with sautéed bell peppers and lots of seasoning. Best of all, Chef Paul Miller demonstrates how you can cut the cooking time in half.


Video 3: Making Stock (Chicken Stock)
A rich, full-bodied stock usually takes four or more hours of simmering. With his pressure cooker, Chef Paul Miller makes a delicious chicken stock in under 30 minutes.


Video 4: Whole Meal Magic (Blackened Pork Chops, Pecan Broccoli, and Marmalade Apples)
Make a whole meal in one pot! Watch this video to find out how Chef Paul Miller makes all three of these delicious recipes in one pressure cooker. This technique is terrific for a fast and healthy meal.


Video 5: Chicken with Raisins and Almonds
Chicken is an all-around favorite because it’s quick, inexpensive, and lower in fat and cholesterol than many meats. In the video, Chef Marty Cosgrove shows you how the pressure cooker makes tender, flavor-infused chicken even faster than usual.


Video 6: Pressure Cooking Vegetables (Glazed Root Vegetables)
The pressure cooker is the perfect companion for vegetables because they cook fast while retaining their garden fresh color and healthy nutrients. Chef Marty Cosgrove takes these hard root vegetables and cooks them to perfection in less than 5 minutes.


Video 7: Sweet Potato Pecan Dessert
Although a pressure cooker may seem an unlikely vessel for use in making desserts, custards and similar-style desserts benefit from the moist heat method of pressure cooking. Chef Marty Cosgrove shows you how to save time in every step of this recipe making these magnificent desserts in 25 minutes versus hours in the oven.


Video 8: New Orleans Bread Pudding
There are many desserts that can benefit from the moist heat of a pressure cooker and bread pudding is one of the best! Chef MartyCosgrove demonstrates how to make this southern-style bread pudding recipe the best you’ve ever made.


Video 9: Chicken and White Bean Chili
Learn a new twist on a traditional dish with this flavorful recipe for Chicken and White Bean Chili with Neva Ellis.


Video 10: Quick Sauerbraten
Sauerbraten traditionally requires several days to prepare because the marinade must soak into the meat giving it its customary flavor. In this video for Quick Sauerbraten, Neva Ellis demonstrates how everything can cook together in one pressure cooker to get the fabulous traditional flavor in a fraction of the time.


Video 11: Osso Buco
Veal shanks braised in butter and cooked with broth and tomatoes, then topped with a tangy gremolata make up this wonderful Italian dish. Neva Ellis walks you through each step in making this exciting entrée in a pressure cooker.


Video 12: Burgundy Beef Stew
Classic stew ingredients mixed with a red burgundy make this stew extra special. Using a pressure cooker saves time, and Merle and Neva Ellis work together to show you how easy it is to make this delicious recipe.


Video 13: Pressure Cooker Basics (Presto Spareribs)
This video features Merle Ellis demonstrating how to make a mouth-watering sweet and tangy barbecue spareribs recipe while simultaneously teaching you some of the basic features of a pressure cooker.


Video 14: Getting To Know Your Pressure Cooker
Merle Ellis points out the key parts of a pressure cooker and explains how they work.



Paul Miller is Executive Chef of K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen in New Orleans' historic French Quarter. A native of Opelousas, Louisiana, he hails from the same hometown as Chef Paul Prudhomme. He met Chef Paul during his tenure with Brennan's in Atlanta Georgia, transferred to Commander's Palace in New Orleans in 1977, and in 1981 joined the staff of K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen. In addition to his many responsibilities at K-Paul's, Paul Miller works closely with Chef Paul Prudhomme as a consultant for food manufacturers exploring new innovations in the culinary arena. Miller also supervises and trains visiting chefs desiring to perfect their knowledge of Louisiana foods and dishes. And he initiated the smoked meat facility established by K-Paul's to make sausage products, which are distributed throughout the United States.

Marty Cosgrove is Sales Director at K-Paul's Catering Expedition in New Orleans, a Paul Prudhomme company. He travels with Chef Paul to many special culinary events around the world. Chef Marty previously served as Corporate Chef at Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Blends, Inc. He is a graduate of Baltimore's Culinary College and has also studied at the renowned La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine in Paris and at the famed Maison du Chocolat. He, too, hails from Chef Paul Prudhomme's hometown of Opelousas, Louisiana.

Merle and Neva Ellis are a husband and wife team whose combined professional experience makes them well qualified to "dish out" cooking information. Merle has been called "America's Best Known Butcher" by the Wall Street Journal. Neva is a working mom who has perfected the art of putting great meals together in a remarkably short amount of time. They served as host and hostess of the television series "Cut Up and Cook."